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LC-X Easy Reverse

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• Data Centers
• Private Networks
• Interconnect and Cross Connect
• High Density/Compact Applications QDR

• Easy Polarity Reversing Capability
• Easily change the pitch from standard to LC mini

• LC metal back body
• Multiple boot styles and colors
• Option for pull/push tab for tight fit high density applications
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LC-M Series

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• One of the industries shortest LC
UL V-0 rated Boots operating in high density cabinets
and racks is possible!

• Versatile
Compatible with all standard LC interfaces and exchangeable
SX/DX clips allow you to hold minimal inventory

• Strongest LC Back post
A die cast backpost allows for excess strain
to be absorb from short bend

Short overall length (32mm including short boot)

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• 40G Ethernet
• Infiniband QDR
• 4G/8G/10G Fiber Channel
• High Performance Computing Clusters

• Low Bit-Error Rate -12
• Limited EMI/RFI Exposure

• High data rate parallel active optical cable (AOC),
to overcome the bandwidth limitation of traditional
copper cable

High Data Rate Parallel Active Cable reduced cable bulk compared to larger diameter copper cabling enable deployment of additional ports for increased number of AOCs per system, resulting in more connectivity options and total system cost savings.

Welcome to Fiberon Technologies

Every day at Fiberon, we strive to set the pace of active and passive fiber optic innovation. Our customers are at the center of our focus and through a commitment to integrity in all of our dealings we have developed strong bonds with all of our greatly valued partners. As such, providing them with un-paralleled design, manufacturing, and quality control systems to ensure that our products are available at a competitive price, expedited delivery, and with the quality that separate us from our competitors in the Telecom, Datacom, Premise wiring, FTTH, and CATV Industries.

Our experience

Fiber Connectivity For Over 500 Different Connectivity Solutions
More Than A Dozen Patents Issued – Many Pending

Our extensive and selective fiber optic portfolio of products coupled with our global presence ensures rapid customer response, technical competency, and the tenacity to work through any possible challenges presented to both small and large scale businesses.

Product Highlights

We are continuously developing new products both customized for customer related projects, but also next generation products initiated by the desire to help re-define and outperform the currently available solutions.

Attach Cables

  • SFP+ , QSFP+ COPPER ASSEMBLIES and AOCCompatible with all industry standards
  • Longer Reach and Higher BandwidthHigh Performance, Limited EMI/RFI Exposure

LC-X Series

  • Polarity eXchangeEasily change the pitch from standard (6.25mm spacing) to LC mini (5.25mm spacing) without tools
  • LC metal back body for increased strength and enhanced lateral side load performance

LC-M Series

  • Small, Strong, Adaptable, EconomicalThe design of new LC-M Series connector features a metal back body (extender cap) for greater strength/crimp capacity, easily adaptable SX/DX clips and an optimized short boot, all at pricing comparable to standard LC connectors.
  • Short overall length (32mm including short boot)

Snug-Fit Adapters

  • Tightens Adapter/Panel fit more than 30%The Snug Fit Clip can be used in a wide range of standard adapter panels (upper limit and lower limit cut-out) and can reduce the deflection more than 30%.
  • Significantly reduce the undesiderable movementincline angle variation is less than 1 degree.


At Fiberon Technologies we have become experts in supplying and manufacturing top of the line Fiber optic solutions whether that be for basic connectors and adapters to the more intricate advanced passive solutions.

  1. Our corporate commitments
    • Knowing local customer needs and requirements
    • Established reputations as experienced industry professionals
    • Extensive sales / executive management and business development experience within telecommunications Industry
    • Proven records of success and accomplishments selling to world’s largest service providers and telecom industry leaders
    • Unique talents and expertise that broaden Fiberon’s capabilities
    • Strong understanding of a broad range of fiber optic technologies
    • Strong international sales presence
  2. Our Distribution Strategy

    Goal to maximize customer satisfaction through quick delivery while minimizing your inventory cash requirements
    Warehouse locations around the world:

    • Massachusetts, USA to support US customers
    • Wroclaw, Poland to support EU customers
    • Hong-Kong, PRC to support China customers
    • Taipei, Taiwan to support Asia customers
    • Dubai, U.A.E. to support customers in the MENA region.
    • Will utilize consignment inventory when possible. Additional safety stock inventory maintained at factory & CM locations