22 February 2017

Fiberon – OFC 2017

Fiberon will be attending OFC 2017 in LA.

Be sure to visit us at booth number 3305 during this year’s OFC; 03/21/2017 – 03/23/2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where we will have our experts and top executives on-hand to answer your questions.

  • NEW LC Duplex Connectors and LC Uniboot Connector Pull/Push Tabs for Compact Applications
  • Polarity/Pitch Swapping Uniboot LC Connector  and New MPO-X
  • Active Optical Cables
  • 1.2mm Connectors
  • Elite MPO Connector with 8,12, and 24 Fiber Low Loss Ferrules
  • Harsh Environment and Polarizing Maintaining PLC Splitters

We will also display many other patented Interconnect and Advanced Passive Solutions.

Come by and find out what’s new, what’s next, and how you can move forward with Fiberon!

LC and SC 1.2mm Boots

Available in both LC and SC form factor Fiberon’s new 1.2mm connector help support the growing trend of Micro-cabling and high density applications for next generation networks.  This design also incorporated our short boot and specialty designed crimp to help meet/achieve Telcordia cabling requirements.
The 1.2 mm Cable Patch Cords with SC or LC connector, using the 1.2mm boots, despite the small diameter has similar performance to a 1.6mm or 2.0mm cable.


Fiberon’s brand new MPO-Elite® connector provides the ultimate flexibility and high performance for all popular multi-fiber fiber optic applications. It allows the user to incorporate their chosen ferrule which, coupled with an unbranded and removable housing allows for a customer to use our MPO solution without sacrificing the characteristics that make the MTP® unique and effective.
The MPO-Elite® is also easy termination capable with a fold out rear body allowing simply fiber laying and connectorization. Any assembly house can simply and effective tweaks to make the termination processes result in high yields.

LC Compact Puller

The growing trend in Data Center and network optimization is and will continue to be maximizing space. The effect that this reality has had on Fiber Optics has been an increase in multi-fiber connector types like MPO/MTP connectors and the creation of rack mounts and adapter panels that will fit more of the traditional LC jumpers into one place. As a consequence, installation and removal of these systems becomes more difficult and time consuming as the form factor for these LC jumpers has not changed significantly.

Responding to this challenge, Fiberon has created a NEW LC Puller allowing for both retrofitting and forecasted placement for high density projects requiring LC patch cords.

Our extensive and selective fiber optic portfolio of products coupled with our global presence, technical competency, and the tenacity to work through any possible challenges presented to both small and large scale businesses ensures rapid customer response.