Exceptionally Stable and Reliable

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    • High isolation
    • Low Insertion Loss
    • Exceptionally Stable and Reliable

    PM Filter DWDM devices use environmentally stable thin film filter and advanced packaging technology to achieve wide passband, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, excellent environmental stability and high extinction ratio. They can be used individually to perform single channel add or drop function or can be used in DWDM systems and fiber sensor systems.
    PM Filter DWDM is designed and manufactured according to Telcordia standard and ITU standard.

Product Specs

PM Filter DWDM

Filter Type 200 ITU Grid 100 Ghz
Pass Band Center Wavelength nm
Min. Bandwidth @ 0.5 dB 0.5 0.16 nm
Typ. Bandwidth @ 0.5 dB 0.7 0.4 nm
Max. Insertion Loss @ Common→Pass 1.0 1.2 dB
Typ. Insertion Loss @ Common→Pass 0.8 1.0 dB
Min. Channel Isolation @ Common→Pass 25 25 dB
Typ. Channel Isolation @ Common→Pass 30 30 dB
Reflection Band Max. Insertion Loss @ Common→Reflect 0.5 0.5 dB
Typ. Insertion Loss @ Common → Reflect 0.3 0.3 dB
Min. Channel Isolation @ Common→Reflect 12 12 dB
Typ. Channel Isolation @ Common→Reflect 15 15 dB
Typ. Extinction Ratio @ 23°C 22 22 dB
Min. Extinction Ratio @ 23°C 20 20 dB
Directivity 50 50 dB
Min. Return Loss 50 50 dB
Center Wavelength Stability 0.002 0.002 nm/°C
Thermal Stability 0.005 0.005 dB/°C
Max. Optical Power 300 300 mW
Operating Temperature -5 to +70 -5 to +70 °C

*Note: IL is 0.3 dB higher, RL is 5 dB lower, and ER is 2 dB lower for each connector added. Connector key is aligned to slow axis.

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