Fiber optic Terminators

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Plug in Terminators

Fiberon offers a line of fiber optic terminators. Fiber optic terminators are passive components that absorb light coming from unterminated connector plugs. used in Fiber optic cabinets, main distribution terminations, or wherever access unterminated connector plugs are present

Optimized ion doped fiber technology

  • Compatible with common connector types
  • Superior durability
  • Stable performance at 1310 and 1550nm wavelengths
  • RoHS Compliant

*Specifications may change without notice. Display Product Photos Shown are samples for viewing, not actual products. Colours and styles may vary.

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Our extensive and selective fiber optic portfolio of products coupled with our global presence, technical competency, and the tenacity to work through any possible challenges presented to both small and large scale businesses ensures rapid customer response.